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Feel Good Monday Story

Remember little Peach who was pushed under the gates of the DSPCA back in July 2020. Peach was taken into our care and required surgery at the shelter for her fractured pelvis. It’s now 6 months on and here’s a little update from her wonderful family 😊

Peach is getting on great! We're amazed at how well she recovered after her pelvic fracture repair surgery last year.

When we first fostered her, she was in recovery and on crate rest. She would find it difficult to sit down properly and jumping was not an option. 6 months on she is running rings around us! She jumps up and down off sofas with no bother at all. Runs up and down stairs. And LOVES to go on long walks.

She will still make strange with new people, everyone just wants to pet her and say hello when out for walks but she most often will shy away. However if we meet other dogs while out she is more then happy to greet them and play.

She is a BIG foodie. Her favourite treats are Schmakos, Markies and the little reward me treats from foran. She loves to chew things (many toys have been lost along the way) so we give her some yummy chews too which she will nibble at for hours!

She is the most loving little dog who loves nothing more then to curl up and cuddle in the evenings. We cannot believe our luck to have had the opportunity to adopt her so thank you so much.

Niamh & Peach ❤️

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EXCITING NEWS! Petmania is coming to Sligo!!!!

Petmania is set to open a new mega-store and grooming studio in Sligo town in April 2021. The expansion of Ireland’s largest pet-retail stores will mean at least 11 new jobs for the county, bring the total number employed by the company to almost 200 jobs.

We are now accepting applications for all roles.

See www.petmania.ie for more details!

Sligo, Ireland Sligo County Council Retail Excellence Cleveragh Retail Park


Shop Online at Petmania.ie

FREE Delivery when you spend €39 or more online at Petmania.ie

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This tabby female cat (more brown than grey) who was very recently spayed, was last seen at Shanaway Road Ennis. She is believed to have here travelled from Abbey Street Car Park in a car engine but may have arrived to Abbey Street in the engine of another car.

Any help in finding her owner would be greatly

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Looking for a new lockdown project?
Check out the amazing new AquaOne Urban.
These come complete with heaters, filters and lights so all that’s needed is imagination and decorations..

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Sher what else would I be doing at 12 o clock on a Monday night 🙈🤣.
Customised variety boxes and bags of pigs ears ready to rock for tomorrow😊.
Sleep is well over rated anyway🤣🤣.
The future is Natural 👌😉

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