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On this day 1988 - Burnum Burnum plants the Aboriginal flag at the cliffs of Dover, claiming England for the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, exactly 200 years after Arthur Phillip claimed Australia for the British.


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Man accused of using hook to steal thousands from church collection boxes

A man was seen fishing out envelopes from the church donation box using a wire hook.

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The Risk of Severe COVID-19 Outcomes Appears to Be Improving for Rheumatic Disease Patients

Learn more about research showing that COVID-19 outcomes like ICU care and ventilation have improved for rheumatic disease patients over the pandemic.

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Anger over alleged deer shooting near Slieve Blooms

THE apparent shooting of a young deer whose body was discarded in a field has angered people in the Rosenallis area. Locals believe that the young animal was shot in the foothills of the Slieve Blooms…

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Investigations continue into illegal rave in Stradbally

Gardaí have confirmed over the weekend that investigations are continuing into a large illegal rave organised by an online group that took place on 12 December near Stradbally. Over 80 people are…

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Remembering Bertie, Mark and Emma Fisher on the 20th anniversary of the tragic accident that took their lives. Their memory lives on in the Fisher Foundation commemorating Bertie and Mark's interest in rallying and Emma's commitment to Christian service overseas.

Over £300,000 has been awarded by the Fisher Foundation since it was established. Young people have been supported via bursary awards towards carrying out voluntary work overseas. Support has also been given to motor clubs and other relevant organisations to improve safety standards at rally events.


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