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“One of the most sumptuous restorations in Irish history.”


Take a video tour of Michael Flatley’s Co Cork mansion

Irish dancing legend Michael Flatley opened the doors to his mansion in Co Cork to give the public a glimpse into his home life.

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The protection extends to more than 177 countries including the United States, the UK, Canada and Australia


How Ireland protects its harp and shamrock emblems

The harp and the shamrock are such common symbols of Ireland that you might be forgiven for thinking that any old Tom, Dick or Harry could stick them on their logo when setting up a new business.

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Unity Credit Union are on Instagram.

Follow us @unitycreditunion to stay connected to all the news and happenings at your local credit union.

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The Trinity Sport Marchathon Step Challenge starts on Monday 1st March and is a great way for you to connect with your colleagues virtually and have some fun. Find out more on the Trinity Sport website. https://bit.ly/3utj0dK


Challenges - Trinity Sport - Trinity College Dublin

Marchathon is a fun team Step Challenge that takes place in March each year. members of staff and students can then get together to form a team of 3-6 people before Marchathon starts on the Monday 1st March 2021. Choose your Team Name and nominate a Team Captain. Each participant needs to have a wor...

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Thanks to John Fitzgerald of FITz Fitness Health and Fitness Club, Ballincollig for his kind words. Much appreciated and congratulations on your huge success John and here’s to your continued success.

Feel free to get in contact to see if we can be of any assistance for your savings, Investment, Pension or Protection needs.

Liam Carroll BBS QFA

SYS Wealth & Financial Planners Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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