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Exciting news just announced – Miss World 2019 is returning home and will take place in London

Julia Morley, Chairman and CEO of Miss World , has today announced live with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain exciting plans to bring 130 incredible women from all over the world to London for a three-week festival and the Miss World Final. Contestants will arrive in London on 20 November with the grand finale taking place on Saturday 14 December at ExCeL London.

Don’t miss out on your chance to represent Ireland at Miss World 2019 and become part of the Miss Ireland legacy.
Entries are open but will be closing soon, apply now or tag someone who should #MI19 #missworld2019
DM us for entry details or email

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Felicity Hayes-McCoy Author

I’m so glad you’re enjoying your virtual roadtrip with me this week as I travel across Ireland to the Wexford Literary Festival. We’re taking in the sights of West Cork and Cork City on the way and will be returning home to West Kerry via Tralee.
Today Wilf and I wandered through some of West Cork’s prettiest towns and villages and visited the Mizen Head Signal Station which has the most awe-inspiring setting you can imagine.
I can’t thank Golden Ireland enough for devising our itinerary and asking me to write about our travels.
We’re now relaxing in the charming Celtic Ross Hotel in Rosscarbery, anticipating another great day in West Cork tomorrow. Here are some photos I took today. Hope you’ll enjoy them. 🙂

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David Beckham on why Ireland is such a special place

David Beckham has revealed why Ireland means so much to him and why it was the perfect place for him and wife Victoria to get married

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Taoiseach compares FF leader to sinning parish priest

The Taoiseach has compared opposition leader Micheál Martin to a parish priest “who preaches from the altar, telling us to avoid sin while secretly going behind the altar and engaging in any amount of sin himself”.The Taoiseach has compared opposition leader Micheál Martin to a parish priest “who preaches from the altar, telling us to avoid sin while secretly going behind the altar and engaging in any amount of sin himself”

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Local authority housing could be wiped out if Brexit causes economic crash

“We have a pending difficulty that if we don’t resolve this sooner rather than later the housing provision we provide will be wiped out completely”Very worrying

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Tipperary Town

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Out of the blue yesterday, our Council has announced that there will be an inner relief road through our town. This idea was democratically voted down some years ago by our elected Town Councillors. Now that we no longer have a Town Council, some unelected Council officials in a room in Nenagh or Clonmel have decided it is going to happen regardless of what we think. County Councillors recently said an inner relief road was “off the table”. Apparently, the officials have decided otherwise and they announced it yesterday.

There is a contradiction in the Council’s calling their plan an “inner relief road”. “Inner” means it would still go through our town by another route. “Relief” should mean that it relieves the town from traffic. Routing traffic a different way through the town is not relieving our town of traffic; it is just foisting the noise and pollution onto different members of our community.

An inner “relief” road will not reduce the traffic through our town by a single truck.

It will be a test of our community strength as to whether we are going to allow the Council to concrete the N24 through our town, based on their claim that we will eventually, maybe, get a twice-promised and never-delivered bypass at some stage in 10 to 12 years’ time.

This town needs a proper relief road around the town as soon as possible, not a new traffic sewer being carved right through our community, possibly permanently.

Will we stand together as a community? The answer to that is what future generations will judge us on. When the challenge came, did we stand, or did we lie down?

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