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The Fermanagh Trust's young grant making apprentices Grant To Give Back are ready to award £4000 funding 💷


They are hoping to award funding to projects which focus on their key priority areas:
• young people's mental health,
• local poverty
• anti-social behaviour

New and existing groups can apply. If you have an idea for a project and need some help with funding do get in touch with the grant makers and together you can help to, in some way, alleviate these key concerns. Closing date 19th March.

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Walking Etiquette During Covid-19

SINCE the covid-19 lockdown over five weeks ago, many people have discovered a whole new world of exercise with a large majority of people opting to simply put one leg in front of another, a …

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Don't miss your chance to win your weekly food shop on the Herald!

We'll select three winners at random from the entries received by the closing date. To be in with a chance of winning you'll need to collect token one from this week's paper.

Available in shops or to download straight to your device following this link https://bit.ly/3aMTtEu


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Loads of Great New Tropical & Goldfish,Koi

Now Available in Store or Have Delivered Straight to Your Door UK & Ireland.


Order yours today!

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It was written on the wall.

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