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A quick update from us at the UR NB team! We hope all of our followers had a pleasant festive period despite it being one of the strangest in memory. 

We’ve been quietly working away in the background, to keep the wheels of our Blueway vision in motion (Or should we say paddles!)

In the last few weeks, we have been lucky enough to get picked up by both the Leinster Express and the international Paddler magazine. Both have published articles in print that tell our story so far and outline our plans for the future of the project. You can have a look at one of these articles for free on the Leinster Express website:


We’d like to thank a couple of our followers for making contact and showing interest in the project - We’re always keen to hear from people who want to get involved so keep the interest coming.

As this project has the potential to bring many great benefits to the county of Laois, which is already witnessing some significant investment in its natural amenities, we are linking in with the County Council in the coming weeks to draw up a strategy for moving forward.

Enjoy the read & please continue to share our vision. We are nearly at 500 followers!

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