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A message from the Mater Transplant team to our lung transplant recipients:
We hope this message finds you all well. We want to acknowledge that we appreciate this is a worrying time for everybody. As your safety is paramount we are cancelling the majority of our routine appointments. Our plan is to carry out telephone clinics. If you were due in clinic soon we will be contacting you so we can continue to support you from a transplant perspective and answer any questions you may have. If you have any transplant concerns please call the clinic on 01 803 4296 (Monday - Friday 8am-4pm) or if out of hours ring the transplant ward on 01 803 4322.
We are not always by the phone so please leave a message with a brief reason for your call and we will call you back as soon as we can.

If your call is Covid 19 specific please follow the HSE guidelines/recommendations. Contact your GP to obtain a swab if you are concerned you are showing symptoms. People who have received a lung transplant fall under the Very Vunerable category therefore we echo the HSE recommendation to self-isolate, follow strict hand hygiene and avoid contact with anyone outside your home. Keeping yourself as healthy as possible through diet and exercise is important to maintain overall wellbeing and lung function.

As the situation is evolving on a daily basis we will be staying up to date on advice and will be in touch should current advice change. We will be in touch shortly regarding vaccine information.

Take care everyone.The Lung Transplant team.

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