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Hello all!

It's a brand new year and we're back to get you all ready for Round Two of the Irish Times Debate; and thank God that 2020 is over and everything is totally normal now and absolutely nothing bad is happening anymore...

The next round of debates will be taking place in February - this is usually when semis and the final would be taking place, however given the year that is in it, the timeline for the competition has been stretched out. This round will once again be held on Zoom.

We're really hoping to be able to make this the best experience possible so we are asking all participants to please fill out this feedback form. Let us know if the last round was great, terrible, life-changing whatever. Any suggestions on how to change things for the future rounds are also strongly encouraged.

We will also be having workshops with former convenors & winners of the competition to help you all prepare for the next round so watch this space!

Amy & Kev


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