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Again a huge thank you to everyone who picked a colour 🤩🤩
No 1 Blue 💙 The throat chakra is again all about your true expression, to tap into the real truth and express yourself, it's not always easy to speak your truth or stand up for yourself but sometimes we need to listen to the inner voice within us all and if something doesn't feel right or your unsure about then it's time to express any concerns you may be having, to voice if your feeling unwell or may need some extra help on a daily basis, if you feel your words are going unheard to have the energy, strength and confidence to change things around.
We do sometimes get caught up in trying to please so many people and leave our own thoughts, want's and needs last so for the next few days just take a step back, think about what you are holding back and what you feel you need to express to change things in your life right now, the throat is to allow ourselves to communicate better on all levels and to not feel guilty to ask for help, to ask for guidance, to want to be treated in a better manner and to be able to say how you really feel.
If you feel stuck in this energy do some healing and meditation around the throat, write down what you are feeling and what you need help with and start working towards what you need in order to express your true self , you deserve the best too and allow yourself to voice your needs and ask for help if you need it 💙💙

No 2 Green 💚
This is for our Heart Chakra and the beautiful colour green. This energy centre stores and filters through all our emotional energy and feelings.
If at the moment you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, a little down, emotional, upset over anything, suffering any loss , just allow yourself some time to heal. We all need to take some time out to check in with what we are feeling and not be too hard on ourselves to just get over things that may be upsetting us at the moment. We need time to grieve, to release emotional upset, to start to put a perspective back onto ourselves in order to want the best out of our lives.
When you are suffering from grief or loss it takes time to get through this process and there really is no set time or date to achieve it, however it's good to remember how far you have come, how strong you are, how you want to feel better and stronger in yourself, how you want your life to change for the better, take time to go through this process, we are all entitled to have a down day and feel upset ,even have a good cry, ask for help from others,. So for the next few days allow yourself time to heal, take time to spend time in nature, to do some meditation, to write down how you feel and burn it afterwards as a cleansing act, never excuse yourself for grieving, it's good to tap into how you feel and start to work through it all.
Be gentle and kind to yourself for the next few days and eat warm nourishing foods, do some meditation, spend time in your heart energy and ask for healing and guidance to lift anything heavy from your chest.
The heart energy is a vast source of emotions so there is no rush to get through it all, just have patience, love, time and comfort to help you.💚💚

I hope you all have a safe and productive time over the weekend and we will be back Monday Morning with our card guidance pick to set us up for the week ahead.🙏🙏
Thanks everyone from Lorraine 🧘👣🤗🤗💙💚💜❤️🤩🤩🦔🦔