A huge thank you again to everyone who picked a card 🤗 No 1 Dragonfly 🤩 You know who you really are.You are a matter of illusion, particularly in the guises you wear for others. This is a gift that wa

A huge thank you again to everyone who picked a card 🤗 No 1 Dragonfly 🤩 You know who you really are.You are a matter of illusion, particularly in the guises you wear for others. This is a gift that was born in the travails of your childhood,an adaptation that once served you well. These masks do serve a purpose because you can be whoever you need to be in any situation.Yet it can also be easy to fool yourself into thinking that any of these personas are the real you. The truth is that you don't need to rely on these false personas anymore! On occasion they will come in handy,but at this point it's time to let the 'you' of who you are show up in all your varied expressions and manifestations. One of the most popular ruses you can run on yourself is pretending you don't know the truth.In order words play dumb, hoping that because others like to feel superior, you can indulgence them in this way
Yet Inwardly you can be smug and secretly indulge in your own illusion of superiority.Once you acknowledge the truth, then you'll know what to do. And by that acknowledgement and acceptance you accept the truth of who you are 💚 No 2 Turtle 🤩, Retreat, Stop trying to make something happen. There's not a whole lot you can do right now to influence the situation your inquiring about. It's best to back off and wait untill it's time to move forward again. There's nothing wrong with that, especially given the futility of trying to make something happen right now. Patience is what's called for. Eventually you can stick your neck out a little at a time to determine if it's time to come out and make some progress toward your goal .A retreat isn't defeat. Make a conscious and intentional choice instead. You could stand to spend some time by yourself in nature away from the intensity of your usual life. Although we call this a retreat,it's really more of a movement toward the peace and harmony you'll find in the woods,at the mountains,or by the sea shore.Doing so also helps you connect with Mother Earth, and when you do it helps put everything in proper perspective.The oceans been there a long long time and will continue to be. And every day there's a sunset , no matter what else has happened.❤️ No 3 Black Panther 🤩 Passion, Follow your passion. The winding road of your life, with all its twists and turns expected and unexpected,has brought you to this point. You're faring quite well,yet there's an urgent need that you're feeling in your bones and your soul, the need to express more and more fluently your true self, your inner core. It's so much safer and in some ways easier to deny yourself the fruits of following your true passion. Questions of safety and survival abound by stepping into this total expression of who you truly are.Let them remain as questions,cast them aside and embrace what you want to do. Once you've discovered what your passion is and you probably already know what it is,by honouring it and living it all else will be taken care of. Trust that your inner yearning is real and express it, if not all at once then gradually, but express it. Don't worry about how it will look to others or whether or not anyone will approve.When it comes to the end of your day's you will be able to say with all sincerity and without reservation that you lived your life passionately and in truth 💜 Have a safe and nice weekend everyone and will be back Tuesday morning after the bank holiday and will be doing our weekly guidance card's then 🤗🤗 thanks everyone from Lorraine @thehealinghomewexford.com 🧘👣👣😍😍❤️💚💜🙏🙏🌻🌈🌈🌈

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