We are living in interesting times indeed. Here’s where I’m at. 10 days ago I began to feel my energy levels drop and my lungs began to struggle with any amount of activity. Then my temperature went

We are living in interesting times indeed. Here’s where I’m at.

10 days ago I began to feel my energy levels drop and my lungs began to struggle with any amount of activity. Then my temperature went into the red. Alice raised a fever a couple of days later and also experienced lung issues, sore glands and the dry cough. At this point we self isolated. That wasn’t such a struggle as we have been pretty isolated for some years with various health issues, first Alice then me then my mum. A week in and my situation had deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t even walk Marley except very slowly and not far.

We called NHS 111 and were advised that as long as I could still watch TV and wasn’t confused I should stay home! The following day, the Thursday at midnight, still unable to breathe properly and feeling quite uncomfortable as I was no longer able to lie on my back without gasping, we rang again. We were assured of a call back from a medic within 2 hours. By 7 am the following morning still no one had called so we rang them again and were assured a medic would call back within 2 hours. The operator apologised profusely for the delay and assured me not only would she escalate the current call but said that the previous call would be also be revisited and that an on-call doctor would also be contacted and so we should expect several calls within 2 hours. Unbelievably no one called until later that evening when a doctor rang and advised I go to A&E. This was not the advice I was expecting. We are banned from sitting in restaurant or park or standing too close to others but walking around a hospital when assumed positive for COVID 19 is encouraged! All the nurses I chat with cannot believe this is happening. Sadly they are at great risk because of the advice being handed down from those not on the frontline. They have also been put at risk by the half wits who stole last weeks long awaited delivery of hand sanitisers soon after it arrived on site.

I knew I needed to be in hospital but was still reluctant to go this way. Alice called the hospital to warn them a patient was coming in who was suspected to have COVID19. She asked them if it could be arranged for the COVID pod outside to be used in order to protect other patients. This was to no avail and so I went that evening but stayed outside and called A&E to suggest they send someone out who was suitably protected. I thought that was a reasonable suggestion but apparently not. They told me to go to reception (ignoring all the government and medical advice and passing all the warning notices on the doors and walls and windows telling us not to be so reckless if we are suspected COVID infected). Here they would give me a mask to wear. I was then invited to wait with the other potentially sick people (just me and two children with masks and them with the cough). I used the toilet and wandered around as you do until I was called. The only person I spoke to was a man carrying his son who three days earlier had been vaccinated in both arms and has not been the same since. The poor kid was clearly very distressed and dad was too and was in doubt why his son was sick. The parents always know best no matter how well trained the doctors are. He was equally angry at the way he was being treated by the various officials he was being passed around each of whom blindly denied the vaccines could possibly be the cause, peddled as they are by the most evil criminal network there is. I wished him well and suggested he do some research before allowing them to put any more poison into his son as clearly this was one child (and typically it runs in the family) who cannot tolerate such toxins at all. These kids and there are huge numbers now who are like the canary in the coal mine should alert us to the unspoken dangers of vaccines. Anyway, this is off topic but I can’t help myself…

Blood taken from my vein and an artery (to measure oxygen saturation), lungs X rayed and examined and I was told I was going to be admitted. At this point, almost instantly they began to act like I had a bomb strapped to my belly. Staff stepped back when talking to me and I was confined to a side room and not allowed to leave, a commode would be brought to me as I was suddenly absolutely not allowed to use the public toilet or wander inside the hospital or leave the building. Only now, upon admission, do they test for this virus so I was next swabbed for Coronavirus. Results take 3 or 4 days but even then judging by the experience elsewhere in the world, it appears the sensitivity and specificity of the test is in question with false negatives occurring sometimes.

I am in my own room which is big with en suite bathroom. I am only allowed medical staff to visit and only when dressed up like characters from a science fiction movie. If we leave my room we do so with an entourage who sweep the corridors of people ahead of my arrival and close all doors along the journey so I don’t waft my germs. I think a flashing blue light on my head and a siren should be added for full effect. In prison as a Category A inmate I was moved around in a similar fashion was confined to my own cell and had visitors restricted so I am well practiced. Other patients and staff and visitors look at me like I just landed from Mars. I smile to reassure them but I am wearing a mask so they have no idea and continue to look at me like I landed from Mars.

The consultant I spoke with this morning said the markers they look for in suspected COVID19 patients include patches of infections in the lungs which they see on mine and a suddenly reduced white cell count, ditto. Alice and I have spent the last few weeks being very cautious in order to avoid catching this thing even making our own hand sanitiser with iospropanol and aloe vera. Now I actually hope I am found positive and can assume Alice is too so we develop our immunity and don’t have to spend the rest of our lives dodging this thing.

I am asked 30 x a day what I need not just by staff who are all lovely but also by you lot. There’s not much more these people can do for me beyond the obvious day to day care and they have realised the futility of trying to feed a gluten free vegan on an organic anti cancer diet using non organic processed meals killed in the microwave. Jess Lewis has taken on this job so my requests go via her.

As well as sorting my food needs for as long as I’m here I am also keen to load up on vitamin C to keep all bugs away and support my immune system, ideally IV but not sure they’ll help me with that in here so that will have to wait until I get out. I need to get back on the probiotics too after all these drugs.

Thank you for being there and for all your support. This virus thing is highly dangerous to some, young and old and is certainly worse than the flu but that isn’t the greatest concern. The way the power structure is seeking to use it to serve their agenda will deeply affect us all in ways we cannot even begin to imagine although Orwell’s 1984 gives a hint.

Stay safe and keep your wits about you.

With love, Keith

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