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On this day in 1964, the Civil Rights Act was passed in the United States.

But although the Act protected black workers from legal discrimination, it explicitly excluded any Communist Party member or sympathiser from its protections.

The communist party was home to enormous numbers of the civil rights movement’s most militant activists, something which, in particular, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was acutely aware of.

At all costs, he was intent on ensuring the victories of the civil rights movement did not translate into broader victories for communists and workers.

The Act said:
“In the Act, the phrase “unlawful employment practice” shall not be deemed to include any action or measure taken by an employer, labor organization, joint labor-management committee, or employment agency with respect to an individual who is a member of the Communist Party of the United States or of any other organization required to register as a Communist-action or Communist-front organisation.”

It can be read in full here:

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