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How perfect are algorithms?

#BiometricMirror uses artificial intelligence (AI) to presents visitors with their most symmetrical, ‘perfect’ selves, by morphing their face to fit a rigid set of mathematical proportions. How does the human perception of beauty compare to that of a computer? Can we trust AI to analyse our age, gender, ethnicity, or does this raise ethically concerning issues? In a world where Snapchat, Facebook, and governments are already using AI to analyse our faces – what’s next?

Step into Biometric Mirror and have your face altered to mathematical perfection with the help of our Mediators. #PERFECTION runs until 6th October.

Trinity College Dublin #SGPerfection #TCD #TrinityCollege #STEAM #STEM #Science #Art #ArtScience

Author: https://facebook.com/55659842971 – Science Gallery Dublin

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