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****HUGE NEWS****

Well the day has come for people to have their say on dog breed-specific restrictions in Ireland, and what should replace it. This is open to international people also, so anyone can make a submission. You all have until the 6th of September to get this done but best to get yours submitted soon. It is really important for individuals, as well as businesses, welfare groups, vet practices, rescues, dog trainers, education centres, therapy dog groups, assistance dog groups, guide dogs etc., to all make submissions. This will be the only chance we will all ever have to be able to have a say on this, so its now or never. It is important to read the document link which is below this text carefully. This will tell you how to make your (or your business or groups) submission, and what all the questions are. It is a balanced call for the public’s thoughts on this in my opinion. They want all of your thoughts on it.

For anyone interested, I believe there shouldn’t be any list of breeds restricted at all, but there should be laws in place that will allow the placing of restrictions on certain dogs and owners. As we know, this is the only way to catch irresponsible owners early and address incorrect behaviour before it escalates. If they follow their restrictions without incident for a few years (muzzling, leash, dog training etc), the restrictions can be removed. In my opinion we must make it clear that irresponsible owners need to be educated on correct responsibilities with their dogs. This will unify dog owners who are responsible regardless of what they think their dogs breed is, and will make the targeting of irresponsible dog owners easier to identify.

Link to submission information: https://assets.gov.ie/10899/dcfd2255c7704d6e98d9483dbbed043b.pdfWe FINALLY might have a chance to change the outdated ridiculous “RESTRICTED BREEDS ” law!…

Anyone that follows my page knows how I feel about these laws!…

I f”king hate it , that’s what i think about it!
I never push my opinions or beliefs on anyone , I do my own thing, but if anyone feels like I do about this law , then click into the link and let’s get our voices heard!….

Dog’s are not the problem , it’s the idiots who get these magnificent breeds for all the wrong reasons😡….

RESTRICTED OWNER laws are what we need in place, punish the idiots not the dogs!…

Sentences I am sick to death of hearing,
” oh that BREED is aggressive “…
I will say no more before I stop bleeping out words 😂

It is time to change Ireland so let’s do this❤..

Sorry about the Essay😂

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