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💖This post is for all you members out there who are ‘thinking’ of rejoining group this Monday evening or Tuesday morning in Slimming World Thomond Park.

💜In ‘thinking’ I mean you saying to yourself “oh my goodness, I havn’t been in ages, and I have put all the weight I lost back on, I have rejoined so many times now, I am a disgrace, a loser, I’m terrified that they will think I am pathetic”. These feelings are what keep us down but rest assured that in Slimming World Thomond Park you will be welcomed back with a smile and open arms like your an old friend

💖the most important part is there is no shame, blame or humiliation,only support fun and friendship

💜So, re-turning members everywhere, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and prove to yourself (as nobody else really matters) what your made of and who knows, this could be your best year yet.

💖Bella magazine on sale this week has the joining/ rejoining voucher
You only pay the €9 weekly fee with voucher inside

💜Pamela xxxx

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