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The ‘Orphan Season’ has once again started with many wildlife rescues beginning to take in the first rabbit kits and leverets.
Sadly, all too often, a leveret is found doing exactly as it should do in the wild, remaining very still and lying low among the grass stems until mum returns to feed it The well-meaning person believing the leveret is either abandoned, or a young rabbit, mistakenly picks up the youngster and takes it home.
Rabbit kits are born below ground in a burrow, totally blind and hairless. And, it’s a further 4-5 weeks before they emerge above ground fully furred, with their eyes open and mobile.
Unlike rabbits, leverets are born above ground, fully furred with their eyes open and mobile. Should you come upon a whole litter hidden among the grasses, it’s a clear indication that they’re no more than a day or two old. After such time the litter will breakup and disperse, thereby preventing the loss of all the newborns, should a passing predator discover them.
If a leveret is found, it should NEVER be touched, as it stands a far better chance of survival if left alone! The only time a youngster will need your help is when it’s found among dead litter mates, beside its dead mother, is injured or has been picked up by the family dog or cat.
Should a newborn rabbit kit be found above ground, or a litter of youngsters accidentally dug up and their nest destroyed, they will need to be rescued immediately. We’ve found in the past the mother will desert her offspring if the nest has been badly damaged, or disturbed. Once the rabbit kits are old enough to come above ground, they’re fully weaned and independent, and will usually not require rescuing unless injured, brought in by the family cat or suffering from the dreadful rabbit disease – myxomatosis.
We do hope this information will be helpful to our supporters? Please, do feel free to share in the hope more people will not mistakenly pickup a leveret, or rabbit kit, that doesn’t need to be rescued. .Some useful info!

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