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Prison support has been the backbone of the animal liberation movement. There is no doubt that when having a strong network of support, those who would consider breaking the law to further the animal liberation cause are even more compelled by knowing that if things went wrong, they would not be forgotten.

Sadly, that is the aim of prisons when targeting activists. To make them disappear. To extinguish the contagious flame they carry. To make it look like they never existed.

So from the other side of the walls, it is our job not only to remember them but to let them know they are not forgotten. Writing letters to prisoners, -uncompromised letters of support without expecting a response, that is – takes almost no time of your life.

Meanwhile, for them it is a window to the outside world. Being able to see through someone else’s eyes the grass growing in the hills behind your garden, or feel the cows licking your fingers on your summer stroll through the countryside is an opportunity to be transported away from the grey walls that hold them and free their mind for a little while.

It is not difficult, then, to convince anyone of writing letters to prisoners. Today we want to mention two different prisoners of a long list of them; Marius and Mattias.

Marius was sentenced to 22 years in prison accused of multiple accounts of arson, including a GMO laboratory. He has had to fight for his hormone treatment to be implemented whilst in prison, and he has still not managed to legally change his name from Marian. Prison repression comes in many different shapes.

He has recently been transferred and needs a bit of extra support with the changes and with getting used to a different culture and comrades. Writing to Marius would take you ten minutes of your life, and it would mean the world. You can find more information about him, about his case, about what he likes and his prison address in his support website:


Mattias is in pre-detention before trial for over six months now. He is being accused, without any solid proof, of accounts of criminal damage at butchershop windows as well as accounts of criminal damage at a slaughterhouse.

He is facing the unknown, without a release date, without knowledge of what he has to face and without a trial, locked up as a measure of “safety” as he is “a flight risk”. As we said, repression in prison has many different shapes.

Mattias does not have a public address to write to, but receives letters through his support team; @Solidarité avec nos camarades antispécistes détenu.e.s en Suisse , and folk should follow the page for any updates regarding his case.

If you still feel like writing to more prisoners today, please visit our prison support page; we have addresses of multiple prisoners that could do with a hug through a letter. We even have a little feature where you can write letters to prisoners through our website and we will send them for you, being able to send multiple letters to the same person at the same time. The page redirects you to a PayPal link to donate a couple of coins for costs but that is not compulsory, it just helps.

Prisoner Support

Whilst talking about support to prisoners, one of the things that we often forget is how difficult it might be to eat vegan in prison. There are many groups that help by sending cash to prisoners or their families on a regular basis. One of them is the ALFsg, who has run for decades and helps with prisoners but also with fines for folks in trouble with the law. You could consider joining their network by donating 2 pounds a month (and receiving a cool magazine twice a year) through their website. Please note that their website has not been updated in ages and the addresses for prisoners or their status might have changed.

Unoffensive also does economic prison support. The easiest way to help us with it is to drop us some coins over PayPal or to join our Patreon, even a couple of dollars a month helps!
Paypal address: unoffensive_animal(at)
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