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12.04.20 Happy Easter! 🐰 From everyone at Omniplex Cinemas. 🐣 Stay safe! 2 published
10.04.20 1 published
10.04.20 A big thank you to all our followers, campaigners and petitioners because today we have reached our petition’s goal to #EndFGM in Ireland by 2030. We made it to over 7,341 signatures and that number c 2 published
08.04.20 Een bericht van IMMAA - Irish Mixed Martial Arts Association op Vandaag 2 published
06.04.20 Hi. My name is Dennis. I am a border terrier. I have not had a very good life and im looking for my forever home. I need to be the only dog in your house. I love people and like loads of attention. 2 published
06.04.20 The study considers all number of factors about a workplace, such as respect, credibility, fairness, pride and camaraderie. 1 published
06.04.20 Een bericht van JKS Ireland op Vandaag 2 published
06.04.20 Starting tomorrow, our 4-part Employment Law webinar series delivered by Adare HRM provides practical steps and guidance for employers in relation to the challenges of COVID-19, covering relevant HR a 2 published
05.04.20 Here is how Lisa Ardill, someone who has lived with depression and anxiety for most of her life, is aiming to stay well amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 1 published
04.04.20 Joe Kearney tonight Friday 10pm Irish listen in on 3 published
04.04.20 We can't isolate ourselves from the rest of the world... 1 published
04.04.20 As we come to the end of ‘Week 1: Accepting What Is’ of our programme of ‘Creating Hope and Staying Positive while facing Covid-19’ it is important that we remain positive in our thoughts. 1 published
02.04.20 With so many of our members staying at home due to Covid-19, we’d love to hear how you are coping in isolation? Whether you’re working from home, home schooling, or venturing out for your daily stroll 0 published
02.04.20 Een bericht van Laois Nationalist op Vandaag 1 published
01.04.20 Thanks to MacMillan Publishing for our Tuesday Teaser Can you find 12 culture-related words in this wordsearch? First, look at the grid and see how many culture-related words you can find. Words m 2 published
01.04.20 Een bericht van The Royal Thai Consulate Ireland op Vandaag 2 published
01.04.20 How well is your marketing performing? You need to know this in order to invest your time wisely, especially during these tough times! Keep your eye on the ball and know where you should invest your 1 published
28.03.20 #IrishCancerSociety #DigitalDaffodilDay 💗 2 published
28.03.20 Ariens are considered to be ambitious, brave and risk-takers... 1 published
28.03.20 Een bericht van Fermanagh GAA op Vandaag 1 published
26.03.20 Een bericht van University Concert Hall op Vandaag 2 published
25.03.20 ❤❤❤❤ #hope 2 published
25.03.20 1 published
25.03.20 This Thursday Peter Lahiff, founding Academic Director of Future Learning presents the webinar offered by Eaquals Association on "Project-based Learning – Easier Said than Done" ( 1 published