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11.02.20 #OmniplexRecline! 🤩 Sit back, Relax & Recline in our Omniplex D'Luxx screen Every Tuesday every Recline ticket is just €8 when you book online through a MyOmni account. #SitBackRelaxRecline 4 published
11.02.20 The Faculty of Science & Engineering is hosing a Graduate Career Information evening this Thursday, 13th February at 7pm in the Analog Devices Building, UL for the following programmes; LM116 Gen 4 published
11.02.20 Women excluded and invisible: why I will not be watching this film. 4 published
10.02.20 My top picks when exploring County Galway with kids! Via Family Travel 411 4 published
10.02.20 SAFETY: The road near Macken has previously been flagged by locals as ‘dangerous’ 3 published
10.02.20 There are now 3 places remaining (first come-first served basis) on the Certificate in Data Protection (Level 8 – 10 Credits), scheduled to start on Monday 24th February and run over three consecutive 5 published
10.02.20 Vibrant red colours part of Spring/Summer collection 2020 at Utopia Ladies Fashion Glaslough Steet Monaghan Open today 9.30am to 6pm 3 published
10.02.20 Discover a great range of Full-time, Part-time, Apprenticeships at GRETB Training Centre. Talk to their team on 22nd February at #JobsExpoGalway in the Galmont Hotel & Spa. 6 published
09.02.20 SCRAP CAR COLLECTION!! Top prices paid to scrap your Cars, Vans and Jeep – Free collection available! We promote reuse of component parts and recycling of scrap vehicles, which means we can pay high 4 published
09.02.20 “Keelin was an exceptional broadcaster, a fiercely intelligent reporter and a much-loved presence in RTÉ, where she will be sorely missed.” #RIP 3 published
09.02.20 Церемония по откриване на Европейска столица на културата, Голуей 2020. Вдъхновяващо начало на година, наситена с артистични прояви в града и областта, удовлетворение на стотиците ирландски и междун 3 published
08.02.20 “...pressing, anticipatory feel of a Michael Haneke movie, an air of slightly smug urban contentment about to be shattered." READ: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ RTÉ review of this Monday's #IFIBelltable screening of AMAN 5 published
08.02.20 Our 1st Year German students enjoyed spectacular views of Berlin from the dome of the Reichstag this morning. And got to see it all again by night, this time from Germany’s tallest building, the iconi 3 published
07.02.20 Ciara has been missing for three days now. 6 published
07.02.20 Dining on a budget in Japan is a breeze! Here are some good tips on places to get your grub. 🍜🍛🍣🍱🍙 2 published
07.02.20 Dinner 🍴 Enjoy your favourite meals and still lose weight, ⏰Group every Monday at 3.30 5.30 or 7.30 ⏰Group every Tuesday at 9.30am 4 published
07.02.20 It’s almost the weekend! Yay!😊 Any self-care plans for the next couple of days? I hope so 💕. It’s time to recharge. Happy Friday everyone!😁😊💞 7 published
06.02.20 1-2 MAN TRIBUTE SHOWS DUBLIN Looking for 1-2 man tribute shows for a venue in Dublin all 6-8pm April 12th, May 3rd and 31st, June 28th, August 2nd and 30th, September 27th, October 25th and November 6 published
06.02.20 Oh exciting - a new club run Middle Distance race on the calendar, in Waterford August 8th 2020 36 published
06.02.20 Someone asked me today if they got there kitchen sprayed before the comp would it mean they cant win the answer is no, the name will be pulled at random and if your kitchen is completed before the win 5 published
06.02.20 Trinity College in Dublin Ireland - 5 published
06.02.20 Ultimately, we need to decide if our negotiating stance is going to be based on a hard or soft approach. 9 published
05.02.20 Figures obtained from the Central Statistics Office show sharp contrasts in the success rates by gardai in solving crimes both by area and by type of offence during 2018. 4 published
03.02.20 Een bericht van Club Ardagh Preschool & Afterschool Service op Vandaag 4 published