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17.02.20 ‪Bernie Sanders supported the 1981 Hunger Strikers. ‬ ‪“Mrs Thatcher, we are deeply disturbed by your government’s unwillingness to stop the abuse, humiliation and degrading treatment of the Irish pr 3 published
15.02.20 Jenny Rose Clarke and Toby Simmonds of Toons Bridge Dairy produce the most delicious range of cheeses from their shop & dairy in Co. Cork. Their cheese making takes inspiration from Southern Medit 3 published
15.02.20 Linda Wilson Knitwear makes vibrant, fun knitwear with 100% lambswool, silk and cashmere blends in her own unique style. Her range includes scarfs, hats, gloves and sweaters. Linda will the maker here 3 published
15.02.20 Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some valentines this year. Who else would you recommend? 3 published
15.02.20 Take a sneak peak inside the first ever #MAXX #OmniplexRecline screen showing #SonicTheHedgehog this weekend! With and incredible #DolbyAtmos sound system to fully immerse into while you #SitBackRel 4 published
14.02.20 "Policies would be measured not just through the impact on employment or education rates, but also in relation to working conditions, pay and support services such as childcare." 3 published
14.02.20 What a bargain… 6 published
12.02.20 Family members and gardai are very worried for his safety. 5 published
12.02.20 It's folk music time at Garter Lane. Ranagri are taking their unique sound & songs to Waterford! Listen to live performance of the song "The Strangler" from the album "Playing For Luck". Join u 5 published
12.02.20 How would you like to take a theatre trip to Dublin to see the amazing Blood Brothers at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre? 😍 Why not make a night of it with an Overnight Stay at the Bonnington Dublin Hote 6 published
11.02.20 Barbara Sweetman collecting her new C-HR Sport from John Marron 3 published
11.02.20 Our Shieldbug and Ladybird swatches have been re-released!🎉🙌 Brian Nelson, Invertebrate Ecologist with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and Ben Malone, Admin and Engagement Officer with the N 6 published
11.02.20 Excellent class by Shihan Jimmy Bannon. Congrats to Bernadette Casey who was awarded her red belt tonight. 5 published
11.02.20 Are you interested in flying to Utrecht for the Enactus World Cup in September? Three students from each non competing college as well as one faculty member will get the opportunity to travel thanks t 5 published
11.02.20 New and notable appointment: Bram Eijsbouts appointed Head of Business Development at IQ-EQ Luxembourg | Business & Finance 2 published
10.02.20 Dublin Ireland's Christ Church Cathedral - 3 published
10.02.20 We have students who started on level 6 and went all the way to PhD - take the first step on the ladder! 7 published
10.02.20 For the first time in Irish history, every single one of Ireland's 32 counties is represented by an elected Sinn Féin TD or MP. 2 published
09.02.20 A Catholic priest was trying to find a quiet spot for his morning fondle: He found a nice comfy spot and began. No sooner than he had started he saw the flash of a camera through the window, f**k he 5 published
08.02.20 We know it's stressful and we know it's hard -a Master's Degree is no laughing matter. Timothy, a student ambassador, who is also a Master's student has written his survival guide. Both witty and help 4 published
08.02.20 What a difference a year makes! Our lovely hotel has come along way in the last year. We re-opened on 8th February 2019. See our before and after pictures! Thank you to all our loyal guests for the 4 published
07.02.20 This looks very interesting! A series of workshops designed for founders, managers and key decisions makers in social impact businesses. It's hard to find spaces like these. Make the time! Starts 6 published
07.02.20 Een bericht van Workers' Party Youth op Vandaag 2 published
07.02.20 Ford has designed an 'Emoji Jacket' - to be worn by cyclists and which can transmit either their happiness or displeasure at your driving standards. Find out more in our news story. 4 published